For a while Will’s work consisted mainly of cast concrete televisions. Each of these has a different message in gravestone-style text recessed into the screen.

The second smaller TV, ‘silence‘ (edition of 25, 2006 ), was dropped off around Sydney city in the dead of night and photo-documented by Garth Knight.

Why a television? To relate to an object we must know it, apart from the human body Westerners probably spend more time ‘relating’ to a television than any other object.

“In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.”
Consciously and unconsciously we receive more messages from the television than from any other source.

With its ‘tombstone’ lettering it could also serve as a grave marker for Western culture. Televisions are a product of mass production and concrete is a material of mass production, as well as a ‘poor man’s bronze’.